ArmoredView began as an idea for a better search engine experience. We did most of the heavy lifting for you to provide a search engine that gives very fast results. Additionally, we don't bother you with ads and provide a smoother experience.

We make search more relevant and interesting. When you enter the first letters of a keyword into the search bar, we will suggest popular keywords other people have used in their searches. Follow these suggestions and see whether they can help you gain better results.

Simplicity, it seems, is now a point of differentiation for us. Rather than compete with other search engines in the sheer number of features it can cram onto its results page, removing this way organic results, our search engine is going the opposite direction towards simplification by showing organic and uncensored results.

Anonymous search engine that's designed to protect users privacy and avoid personalized search results, we call this "profiling". ArmoredView is protecting your privacy and what’s yours stays yours. Search anonymous for what you want and like outside the Filter Bubble completely safe and entirely private.

We do not monitor you, but others do and what’s yours stays yours. Support us by telling your friends and family about ArmoredView, the company that gives people power over privacy. We think the Internet should make us feel safe to navigate and getting the privacy you deserve.