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We Never Save Personal Information

Anonymous internet search engine that's designed to protect users privacy and avoid personalized search results. Read more about our privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

No Ads Following You Around

The search engine doesn't store IP addresses, doesn't log any user information, and all search terms are automatically deleted every day. We don't save any of your search history thus, no ads.

No ads

Accurate Search Results

Uncensored browsing and accurate search results rather than most results, with a clean and unbloated page that also uses data from Wikipedia to populate Knowledge boxes in the right side of the results. Search anonymous for what you want and like outside the filter bubble.

Filter Bubble
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Completely Safe and Entirely Private!

The search engine doesn't track you. We don't use third party analytics or affiliate services, this way we can ensure users privacy. No profiling, No monitoring, Safe browsing!

Safe Browsing